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Dream Destinations

Several years ago we sat down and made a list of "Dream Family Vacations Within the Continental US." The following were our Top 10:

1) Orlando, FL - Universal Studios Harry Potter World


2) Washington D.C.

3) Willamsburg, VA

4) Niagra Falls

5) Hershey, PA

6) Mt. Rushmore

7) Yosemite National Park

8) San Antonio - Alamo & Riverwalk

9) Grand Canyon

10) Yellowstone National Park

Gratefully, we have checked 2 off of this list! We lived in Las Vegas for almost 10 years and so the splendor of the Grand Canyon was a no brainer. Growing up, Jeff and I both had families that visited Yellowstone often. This summer we finally got to share it with our kids. Beautiful!

The past couple of years parenting has evolved into a new season for us where all of our babies are potty trained and can feed themselves. It has really started to hit me how quickly our family is growing. Bailey will graduate from high school in 5 years!

Sometimes I'm guilty of panic as I wonder if we're really using our time wisely and taking advantage of opportunities for the most memory making. We are committed to providing a loving home where memories are constantly made. But wouldn't it be wonderful to provide amazing memories and learning experiences with dream family vacations?

We would love to tackle the other 8 "Dream" destinations, but financially speaking and under a time crunch of still capturing childhood interest it seems impossible. Or is it?

What is your family's dream vacation??

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." ~ Oprah

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