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Another benefit of homeschooling is all of the learning or relearning I get to experience. I like to

call this my Exercise-the-Brain-Cells-to-Prevent-Excess-Senior-Moments-Strategy. I’m a total history nerd and I have loved to revisit Ancient Rome & Greece, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance time periods with my kids. We have talked about how fascinating it would be to tour Europe. Someday.


This past year we have focused on American History. I have found the geopolitics of our nation absolutely fascinating. When we compare the land size of Western Europe to the US, our country is larger. Humans tend to be regionally focused. Consequently, a lot of Americans tend to be poorly traveled. While I would love to embark on more world travel, the kids and I have discussed how worthwhile it would be to be less ignorant of the geography and regions that our nation offers. We want to explore the abundant cultures of the United States through regional art, food, and heritage.

For additional reading on United States Geopolitics click here:

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