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Doody Calls

Support budding entrepreneurs!

Bailey & Jonas were challenged to earn their own admission to Universal Studios – Orlando. Universal Studios – Orlando is home to Harry Potter World and at the top of their roadschool bucket list. Consequently, they have been learning about small business, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

We’re not experts by any stretch of the imagination, but over the course of the last few weeks Jeff has taken them through various lessons using words like: supply/demand, gross/net profit, fixed/variable costs, etc. I, on the other hand, have tasked them to consider target audience, product, graphic design, advertising, and video editing.

Limited storage space and being on the move presented challenges to imagined ideas, products, and labor to earn money. Collectively, the kids narrowed down ideas to develop a sellable product that we could make work with our current living conditions.

As such, they have chosen a singular product our family has had positive experience with and could vouch for. Last fall I clicked on a link a friend shared on Facebook. It was a hilarious commercial for a toilet spray. I was preparing for family Christmas gifts and so my frugality inspired a hack & personally developed essential oil blend for toilet odor eradication. I love to give creative, thoughtful, and where possible - hand-made gifts. Everyone uses the restroom! Creative & practical = perfect! This would fit the bill and make family smile.

I made up a batch to gift and kept a couple for ourselves and we were shocked that it actually WORKS! We had other reports from family that they found our homemade version effective too! So without further ado...

Don't just mask bad bathroom odors! Do your DUTY and mist DOODY CALLS on the toilet water before you relieve yourself. The organic matter creates an odor-blocking layer that traps the Number 2 smell. Flush and all that's left behind is a fresh trifecta blend of citrus!

Doody Calls is essential in any home. You can only imagine how vital it has been in our 1 bathroom tiny house. Haha! Consider Christmas gifting this to friends & family. Or provide a bottle to your workplace or gym.

We accept PayPal and Google Wallet payments to

With payment please include quantity and mailing address. Thank you for your support of Bailey and Jonas as they “Drive Down A Dream” to Universal Studios Orlando.

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