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Frequently Asked Questions

What? Roadschooling? Why? Where will you go?


Why not?! This idea came to us and wouldn't go away! We pondered. We prayed. We held family meetings. We hashed out all the risks and benefits. We made endless lists of pros and cons. And we finally decided to take a leap and have an experience that we're sure to treasure forever. We don't have an exact itinerary and we feel that's part of the beauty of this temporary lifestyle. Avoiding severe weather and enjoying suitable seasons will be our guide to discovering the USA.


How does Jeff bankroll this operation?


Currently, Jeff works for a Holdings Company. His work as the Director of Strategic Planning is location independent. He occassionally travels to subsidiaries to help with the managment and operations. The mindshift required to challenge convention with a roadschooling adventure has also allowed Jeff to think more open mindedly about pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams too.


What do the kids think? What about school?


The kids couldn't be more excited!! Bailey is still at an age where she's open to this nomadic life before she starts high school. In fact, she's talked about documenting this journey with her own literary skills in hopes of using it on college applications. We will have consistent math and language arts curriculums for each of the kids and will utilize our experiences on the road for history, science, music, art, physical education, etc. As roadschoolers we plan on taking full advantage of the fact that all learning doesn't have to take place in the confines of 4 walls.


Where will you live?


Well, in our RV, of course. Our desire is to also "live" outside as much as possible - touring, hiking, discovering. We are the proud owners of a new 40 foot Fifth Wheel RV. The diesel truck required to pull it will also provide us mobility in our roaming when our "home" is parked. Minimizing and simplifying are also part of our motivation for this trip.  


Will you return to Utah? 


Probably not permanently. There are so many things to love about Utah: the beauty, the mountains, the proximity to our family members, etc. But, ultimately, it doesn't feel right for us. We're on a nation-wide hunt to find a place that feels like home. Perhaps, with our vagabond tendencies such a place doesn't exist? But, we're going to search high and low. We shall see...


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